About Skomiya Academy

We believe in enabling an individual to develop into a complete human being. To ensure the objective, each student’s course of study is carefully planned and followed. Those with outstanding qualities are given opportunities to shine and not rust unfurnished, and others lend a helping hand with understanding to reach their potential.

Tempering these are the joys of sharing, fellowship and fun: The sense of belonging that begins in the school and lasts a lifetime. Every possible effort is made, to recognize the significant factors of academic pursuit, maturing experience and enthusiasm to learn.

Each student manifests individual characteristics with regard to motivation, capability, perception of educational challenges and the capacity to concentrate.

Our philosophy aims to lead students to realize their capabilities and build them into real skills and finds the best possible educational frame. The daily life is structured in a manner that it enhances the individual learning process, thus creating an ideal educational environment ‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’.

We Provide Education with a difference- at Skomiya Academy, value based education is the foundation of all teaching and learning, promoting a secular bent of mind and attitude. In today’s global scenario, an international education is a winning advantage. We shall attempt to deliver this advantage with many extra benefits.

We focus on continual development and the process is led by quality management system. A dedicated team of quality professionals has been appointed to assist students to achieve excellence. Our aim is to keep the teachers equally motivated as the students because it is a fact that academic excellence can be achieved only through a combined effort of the teacher and the taught.

Status of application.

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Affiliation no. 2131484
Affiliation with the board since April 2012
Extension of Affiliation up to March 2015