Work Education (I -V) :

Act, Clay Modeling, and Music (Vocal, Instrumental Dance). Non-Fire Cooking, Needle Work & Embroidery, Soft, Toys, Tie & Dye, Paper cut Flowers, Kite Making Origami, Collage, Paper Mache, Decorative Pots & Articles, Best out of waste, Gardening, Candle making, Book Binding, Leather Work, Mechano Set, Paper Bags, Computer Application, Learning Resource Articles.

Work Education (VI – VIII) :

Drawing & Painting, Fabric Painting, Music ( Vocal, Instrumental, Dance), Cooking, Embroidery, Soft Toys, Tie & Dye, Batic, Ceramic Designing, Crochet & Tatting, Pins & Thread, Paper Mashie, Fabric College, Decorative Articles, Box Making, Statistical Charts, Candle Making, Book Binding, Electronics, Photography, Paper Bags, Computer, Carpentry, Block Printing, Yoga.

Work Education (IX-XII) :

Art, Music, Outward Bound Activities, Public speaking & Dramatics, Cybernetics, Futurology, Science & Mathematics. Skomiya Academy’s Ambulance & First Aid, Community Service etc. Activities like Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Adventure Sports, Skating etc. will be open to all the classes.

These will be taught under the care of expert instructors and the student’s progress to challenging levels systematically.