Library Facilities

Size of the library in Squire feet - 46.2 X 26.5 feet

No. of periodicals - 20

No. of dailies - 4

No. of reference books class wise - 40 per class

No. of magazines - 15

Others - 2457

Transport Facility

Own bus - Yes

Bus hired on contract - Yes

Details of Transport Charges - @ Rs 1.5/ k.m. With Minimum of Rs. 200/-

Computer Education

Computer Science is taught in our school as a compulsory time-table subject from Class onward. A student may offer Computer Science or information Practices as an Elective Subject in Class XI/XII.Every student necessarily gets a ‘hands-on’ the computer.

All computers in the Senior and Middle School laboratory are of latest hardware with LAN connectivity and multi media. The Introductory Information Technology is introduced as an additional optional subject in Class IX & X.

The syllabus is related to Information Technology and it is to familiarize the students with basics of information technology. Not only this, teachers have been trained with basics of computer under various programmes conducted by ET &T and Intel.

Value Inculcation

Our motto is “Be Good Do Good” this is the core of the development of the contents of Moral and Value Education in the school. However, adequate emphasis is laid on building strong character based on humanitarian values and good social habits. We strive to highlight our Ancient Indian culture, traditions and customs through teaching and other programmes organised in the school. The development of spiritual knowledge and attitude based on our Ancient Vedic Culture and philosophy is the guiding principle of Value Education of our school.