General Information

First Small Step of Skomiya Academy Towards A Long Cherished Grand Destination Skomiya Academy is registered under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860, Kanpur city is in a dire need of education centers having a holistic approach of imparting education to our children. This was the idea of our inspiring souls. To fulfill these lofty ideas, the foundation of Om Shiv Siksha Seva Samiti was laid down in the year 2002. So it is our mission to make an endeavor to provide a Quality education embedded with our civilization and cultural values.

The School is situated at Naubasta in the Southern part of the city where the habitation has grown very fast in a modern way. A magnificent three storied school building complex with excellent architectural design will truly be the ‘Pride of City’.The school building will cater to the requirements of a fully developed 10+2 school in future.

The large and properly ventilated Class-Rooms, Work-Shop, Laboratories, Audio Visual Center, Library, Computer Science Section and other utility areas are some of the salient features of the school building. Our Targets

The father of our nation said,” Literary education is of no value if it is not able to build a sound character “.By blending Indian culture and heritage with internationally accepted educational systems, Skomiya Academy strives for precisely that – The overall character development of a child.

The traditional method of imparting education is replaced by an effort to discover and nurture the special gifts of each student and inspiring one to attain peak potential through academic and co-curricular activities.

A stress on enthusiastic participation, development of term spirit and sharpening of motor skills are some of the specific areas that are emphasized upon by:
Providing quality education with a zest for learning.
Broadening mental horizons and creating a deeper awareness of the self and total environment.
Laying a strong emphasis on character building based on our values.
Channelizing youthful energy towards the environment and society with a positive and friendly attitude.
Inculcating ethical and moral values in a child by providing an appropriate moral and culture environment.